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Jun 13
LIFT Podcast: Luke Aulin talks about RTOWN – and Luke Aulin

Luke Aulin is the CEO and Founder of RTOWN, an innovative way for small and…

May 20
Leif Jason talks about Mastermynde Strategy – and Leif Jason

In this episode of LIFT Podcasts we feature one of our LIFT Solution Sponsors: Leif…

May 02
LIFT Podcast: Jayesh Parmar talks about Picatic, Movement – and Jayesh Parmar

Photo: © Karen McKinnon / Jayesh Parmar is the Founder and CEO…

Apr 27
LIFT Podcast: James Flawith talks about Lil Worker Safety Gear – and James Flawith

In this podcast James Flawith.tells us about Lil Worker Safety Gear. In second part,…

Apr 25
LIFT Podcast: Angie Barnard talks about The Network Hub – & Angie Barnard

Angie Barnard is the Chief Motivating Officer of The Network Hub in Nanaimo, a…

Apr 24
LIFT Podcast: Talking with Chin Hing Chang of Spring Activator about Spring – and about Chin Hing Chang

Chin is Head of Growth with global startup school Spring Activator. He was on the…

Apr 21
LIFT Podcast talking to Amy Robinson about LOCO BC – and Amy Robinson

Amy Robinson is a social entrepreneur – and the founder of LOCO BC, an NGO that…

Apr 20
LIFT Podcast with Sandra Viney, talking about Atlas Café – and Sandra Viney

In this episode, we feature Sandra Viney, co-owner with her husband Trent McIntyre, of…

Apr 09
Podcast: Talking with Jani Martinius about Panther Workwear – and Jani Martinius!

Jani Martinius owns Panther Workwear ( She’s one of the…

Apr 05
Podcast: Talking with Chin Hing Chang about sales, Spring Activator, and Chin Hing Chang

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