Grow your business by going “on deck!” 

At the heart of the LIFT experience is our BizOnDeck workshop. It’s been called “networking on steroids!” But it’s much more than networking.

When you go “on deck” at our Our BizOnDeck workshops, you put a room full of entrepreneurs to work on your business. Who needs to go “on deck?” Anyone who wants to grow their business. That means anyone who is

  • launching a new business or service,
  • needing to kickstart, pivot, or otherwise bring fresh ideas and insights into an existing business,
  • or otherwise wanting to benefit from a room full of entrepreneurs.


How it works for your business

  • Attend. Every business that attends learns about growing their own business, even if they’re not on deck. Plus, you meet some of the most dynamic and growth-oriented businesses in the region. Sign up for a BizOnDeck workshop online and get most of your cash back at the workshop (we use “placeholder” fees to hold seats because our seats are limited). Or, ask a LIFT VIP if they’ll sponsor a free Buddy Pass for you. If you’re interested in growing business, you’re welcome to sit with us!
  • Apply. When you’re ready to put your business, or your new venture or project, “on deck” fill in the form and we’ll get you ready to grow. If you’re a LIFT VIP there’s a discount on the minimal administration fee for BizOnDeck.
  • Show up at 6:30pm for informal networking during setup, and to order dinner or drinks (more cash back if you patronize our venue hosts). Bring business cards, brochures, etc.
  • Participate – or just listen! At 7pm we start. The two businesses “on deck” each get 45 minutes each (3 minutes to pitch; 42 minutes of feedback), back to back, with a short break in between. Your questions, comments, insights are all grist for the mill. Plus, that’s how we get to know who you are as a member of the community and as a business person. It’s all about sharing knowledge, to help grow our local economy.
  • Slack it! Afterwards, you’ll be invited to the Slack channel where you can continue to ask questions, provide input to the businesses that have just been “on deck,” take part in the online book club, and more. Curious about our Slack team? Ask for an invitation. It’s open to anyone who wants to help grow business in our region!


Join us!

Like what you’re seeing and hearing about the work we’re doing with LIFT? Let’s talk. We invite support from Solution Sponsors and Community Partners. Mostly, however, we’re inviting you to join us as LIFT Champions. Your membership will help grow your business!

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