To create a vibrant entrepreneurial community that fosters growth, success and collaboration.

A number of folks in the Comox Valley have started discussing the creation of a larger co-working space/entrepreneur hub within the Downtown Courtenay area. Sign up to receive occasional emails regarding developments, contact Kelsey or Leif for more details or join the Facebook group.

Coworking can be described as a style of work that involves a shared working environment and independent activity. In practice, coworking is a collaborative community that provides connectedness and accelerated serendipity.

There are many benefits of coworking spaces:

  • You can put pants on in the morning! Get out of your head and your bathrobe and get into a professional working place.
  • Network and connect with talented people to grow your business
  • Be more motivated & productive
  • Separate home from work: leave household distractions like family members, laundry, fridge temptations and TV at home
  • Have access to things like unlimited coffee, printing services, meeting rooms, a receptionist, events & workshops, local amenities and more!

Local Projects

There are three co-working spaces in the Valley, Coastal Coworking, The Creator Space and Convoy (coming soon).

The Shed is a local project to create a community service cooperative with a tool library and maker’s space.

Other Resources