At LIFT, growing your business is our business

Based in the Comox Valley, LIFT is Leading, Inspiring, and Fuelling Talent on Vancouver Island. Because we believe that entrepreneurs and creatives are the future of our economy. Here’s a list of our members – what we call our LIFT VIPs. If you’re ready to upgrade your business to LIFT VIP benefits contact us now!

Sometimes called the “cool kids” networking organisation, LIFT is growing quickly because Vancouver Island entrepreneurs are looking for a dynamic, collaborative, and growth-oriented solution to their business growth needs.We’ve built the most extensive community economic development social media network on Vancouver Island. We use this, our many BizOnDeck workshops, as well as our #WeAreYQQ parties, to help our members grow their businesses.To be part of the solution, contact founder and CEO Hans Peter Meyer (HPM). For an overview of membership benefits click here.

A new way to do business, with your community

There is a revolution in technology and thinking about commerce, customer relations, markets, and more. It’s not just the internet. It’s not just the impact of the sharing economy or lean business practices. It’s a new attitude. One that sees collaboration, community, and having fun as critical aspects of growing business.

Many existing businesses are struggling. Those that don’t learn how to use the new technologies and who cannot embrace the new ideas will fail. Those who that willing to learn, and willing to work with their community, will thrive.

At LIFT, we see these threatening new technologies and ideas as opportunities. They are giving local talent the means to create new products and services and to develop new markets. We’re excited about the changes we’re seeing. That’s why we’re:

  • hosting events (“entrepreneur parties”) that aren’t anything like your average business mixer;
  • facilitating business development workshops (our BizOnDeck series) that focus on sharing, collaboration, and helping entrepreneurs move forward – fast;
  • innovating with social media to tell stories about local entrepreneurs and inspire those who would be entrepreneurs; and
  • fostering and implementing a collaborative approach to marketing our talent economy – and your business!

The bottom line: LIFT entrepreneurs are ready for change. We’re working better by working together. We’re supporting each other, and we’re growing opportunities.


LIFT VIPs – making shift happen for their businesses

The businesses who are part of the LIFT experience are called LIFT VIPs because they’re the leaders in making this change work for our communities. Seek them out. Talk to them. They want to help. Because they know that our businesses do better when others are doing better. That’s why they’re inviting you to ask them to sponsor a “buddy pass” to a BizOnDeck workshop. The more new ideas in the mix, the faster we learn, the faster we grow. See the list here.

Besides being mentors to new entrepreneurs, LIFT VIPs also benefit from member services and benefits. These include access to:

  • 16 BizOnDeck workshops and five #WeAreYQQ Parties annually in the Comox Valley;
  • Perks and benefits worth up to $3500+ annually;
  • Mentors and advisors with 100s of years of business know-how;
  • Digital Partner services to help your local business achieve global reach;
  • LIFT’s award-winning social media and PR services;
  • And more every month!

Let’s make this shift happen for your business!

Are you excited about a new business idea? Are you looking for ways to grow your existing business? Do you want to turn your passion into a business that sustains you? Are you new to the area and needing to connect with a dynamic community of entrepreneurs?

LIFT will help make that shift happen!

If you’re ready to make shift happen for your business, or even if you just want to learn more about how LIFT works, set up a meeting with HPM now.


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