LIFT Social Media Service Packages

We know that entrepreneurs and small businesses are struggling to take advantage of the opportunities of social media marketing.

That’s why we’re making our award-winning* service available to LIFT members.Because we want you to get the “amazing online presence” you need to stay ahead of the competition.

If your business is ready for “amazing,” LIFT Social is ready to help.

Don’t fall behind!

A recent study of social media usage in Canada** indicated that we are a very connected nation. On the other hand, when it comes to small and medium-sized businesses using social media marketing, we’re falling behind. We know that locally because it’s something we ask entrepreneurs and small businesses about at every workshop.

Automatic social media support for LIFT VIPs

We’re not your average business or networking organization. We believe that digital marketing tools, and particularly social media, lend themselves to the kind of business and community economic development we’re good at.

That’s why LIFT members (aka LIFT VIPs) automatically get $500+ in social promotions once they sign up. That’s why LIFT creates social media games and campaigns to promote our members (see our Pinterest page and our Summer 2017 #LIFTVIP campaigns as recent examples). That’s why LIFT puts so much emphasis on social media in our special events, workshops, and in our PR. We want to help LIFT members get exposure – and get “amazing online presence.”

Social media service packages exclusively for LIFT VIPs

But to make “amazing” really happen your business needs to be active. And yet, as an entrepreneur, as a small business, you’re already working too hard, too many hours. That’s why we’ve created several tiers of social media service, to fit every business budget. We can take the load off you, and because our approach to social media (and business development) is a community development approach, we are able to much more than you could on your own. By leveraging other the social media channels and content of other LIFT businesses in the community, we get your business noticed. Quickly.

Our social media service packages include setup of accounts if needed, a social media audit, a marketing strategy built on your keywords, target demographic, and business growth goals, content development, and day-to-day management.

If you’re ready to create an “amazing online presence” for your business, LIFT Social is ready to help.

* “Best Social Media Organization,” Comox Valley Record Readers’ Choice 2016

**Looking at the recent statistics, Canadian Businesses should be jumping on the Social Media Train before it passes by and their competition gets ahead. Because if you are not proactive enough to make sure that your business got an amazing online presence then you are taking your business in a wrong direction.