Fundraising Toolkit

There are a number of new ways you can raise funds for your venture.

Lotteries/prize draws ’ticket raffles’, e.g.
There are quite a few rules and regulations around who can run these, and how they can be run. As of very recently in BC, you can accept order details online, though you still must process purchases individually after the fact. There are many more rules to be aware of.

Crowdfunding/personal fundraising
There are a huge number of online services that support a variety of different kinds of fundraising, for a variety of purposes.

Online Loans/microfinancing
Kiva being the easiest example.

Online auctions
Selling of physical goods via online auctioning tools, specifically for a given organization or charitable cause. eFlea is a Canadian developed tool for this and there are many more.

Pledge drives / charitable event registrations
I recently attended an event that was a great example of this, The Coldest Night of the Year.