What is LIFT Comox Valley?

  • A project to support talent – entrepreneurs and creatives – in the Comox Valley to “think BIGger!” and grow businesses and jobs in our region. See current events and workshops here.
  • We encourage the use of the #WeAreYQQ tag as a way to identify and brand talent and entrepreneurs as “from the Comox Valley, and proud of it!” (YQQ is our international airport code, an easy way to tell the world that we’ve got a community of smart, creative, business-friendly people who want to make shift happen in our regional economy).

A social media tag and brand for Comox Valley talent

When Comox Valley entrepreneurs and creatives use the #WeAreYQQ tag they’re branding themselves as part of our region’s rich talent pool – the new “natural resource” that’s replacing our past dependence on forests, fisheries, and farming. We’re still a good place to farm, fish, and practice forestry. But it’s our talent and innovation that’s going to keep those industries – among many others – relevant to our future economy. By using the tag you’re attracting attention to what and who we have to offer to the larger world, because the larger world is our marketplace. LIFT Comox Valley events and media activities help support the people making that shift happen.


An invitation to collaborate

Our approach is to encourage entrepreneurs and creatives to work together. To create new businesses. To create new sources of wealth and employment. Join us! We’re building a community-based, values-driven approach that will help keep the Comox Valley a rich and beautiful place to live.

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