What is LIFT?

Imagine a thriving local economy, rooted in the values and talents of the people live here. Imagine growing your business with the support of a dynamic entrepreneur community. That’s my vision. And I’m inviting you to be part of making that shift happen with LIFT.

Nice. But, “What is LIFT?”

LIFT is a business and community economic development initiative owned by me, Hans Peter Meyer. I lead a group of business people who share a belief: that creatives and entrepreneurs are our biggest “natural resource.”

We’ve won an award as the “Best Social Media Organization.” We’ve been nominated (twice) for “Business Leadership.” We’ve been called the “cool kids’ networking” organisation. Following the example of startup communities around the world, we’re leading, inspiring, and fuelling talent to grow the next generation economy in our Vancouver Island communities.

How are we LIFTing?

We’re in the midst of a revolution in business thinking and technology. It’s not just the internet. It’s not just the impact of the sharing economy or lean business practices. It’s a new attitude. One that sees collaboration, community, and having fun as critical aspects of growing business.

We’re fostering this new attitude by:

  • hosting events (“entrepreneur parties”) that aren’t anything like your average business mixer;
  • facilitating business development workshops (our BizOnDeck series) that help entrepreneurs move forward – fast;
  • fostering and implementing a collaborative approach to marketing our talent economy – and your business!

The bottom line: LIFT entrepreneurs are working together, supporting each other, growing opportunities.

LIFT VIPs – making shift happen for their businesses

If you want to grow your business, buy a ticket to our events. Or ask one of our LIFT VIPs if they’ll sponsor a “buddy pass” to a BizOnDeck workshop.

The biggest benefits from LIFT, however, come via our subscription packages. Starting at $20/month, LIFT subscriptions give you get access to:

  • Discounts on events worth $250-900+ annually
  • Perks and benefits worth up to $400-3000+ annually
  • Expertise with 100s of years of business know-how
  • Digital Partner services to help your local business achieve global reach.

Making shift happen!

Excited about a new business idea? Looking for ways to grow your existing business? Want to turn your passion into a business that sustains you? LIFT will help make that shift happen!

A social media tag and brand for regional talents

We launched in the Comox Valley as The #WeAreYQQ Project, promoting Comox Valley talent with the #WeAreYQQ tag. The tag doesn’t belong to LIFT or hanspetermeyer.ca. It belongs to the creatives and entrepreneurs of the Comox Valley / YQQ region. When they use the #WeAreYQQ tag they’re branding themselves as part of our region’s rich talent pool – the new “natural resource” that’s replacing our past dependence on forests, fisheries, and farming.

If you’re in Campbell River, the #WeAreYBL tag offers a similar branding and marketing opportunity. Use it, and we’ll help promote good stuff happening there.

We’re still a good place to farm, fish, and practice forestry. But it’s our talent and innovation that’s going to keep those industries – among many others – relevant to our future economy. By using the tag you’re attracting attention to what and who we have to offer to the larger world, because the larger world is our marketplace. LIFT events and media activities help support the people making that shift happen.

An invitation to collaborate to grow business

Our approach is to encourage entrepreneurs and creatives to work together. To create new businesses. To grow existing businesses. To create new sources of wealth and employment. Join us! We’re building a community-based, values-driven approach that will help keep our communities rich and beautiful places to live. Here’s a video we made in our launch year.

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